A prayer for those whose lives and livelihoods are threatened by COVID

In this Easter period, the College extends this prayer to all who are struggling with the challenging impacts of the pandemic.

Creator God

We pray for those whose lives have been turned upside-down by COVID-19.
For those who have contracted the disease
For those who have died, and their families
For those whose health has been compromised by the effects of the COVID force

For those whose family lives haves become unsettled, stressful, and dangerous.

For those whose health is compromised we pray for
acceptance and a move toward restored health.

For those whose workplace is altered we pray for
the ability to come to terms with a new reality.

For those who can no longer sustain their own business we pray for
sustained help in the struggle to make ends meet.

For those who must work at home and care for family members we pray for
an open expression of need when the pressure becomes overwhelming.

We pray also for those whose daily work exposes them to COVID-19.

We extend our wholehearted thanks for the risks they are taking, and we pray for them, for we believe our praying will lead to action.

May the Resurrection of Jesus sustain us and our world in these challenging times.

Source: Adapted from prayers of David Sparks, United Church of Canada minister