On Tuesday 1 February we were excited to welcome our 2022 Year 12 cohort back to school.

It was a day filled with valuable information to help students settle into their final year at the College. One of these information sessions included a panel of our wonderful class of 2021 Year 12s returning to the College and as they shared their journeys it became clear how diverse their experiences had been, yet they had similar tips and advice to give our current cohort. With an opportunity to ask questions and seek advice our 2022 Year 12’s left with beneficial tips to help manage the challenges often felt balancing work, study and extracurricular activities.

To support our students in their transition back to school over the coming weeks is our wonderful senior pastoral team. All Pastoral Teachers across the four Houses have been working collaboratively over the past week to ensure consistent messages are given to students and we are all very much looking forward to students sharing their own journey with others whilst we engage with this year's theme “We are all different, but we are EQUAL”. It is our diversity that makes us uniquely special and we want our students to recognise what attributes make them who they are.

We know that there are a number of issues that young people are facing, particularly with the challenges we have faced across the last two years. Our wellbeing program targets these issues and aims to provide our students with opportunities to develop their social and emotional skills, make informed decisions, take informed risks in their learning, develop respectful relationships and plan for their future beyond OLMC. If you have any concerns about your child's wellbeing, we have a wonderful wellbeing team that can provide them support.

Brooke Kilborn - Head of Student Wellbeing
Laurie Gunn - Student Counselling Coordinator
Amanda Hawker - Student Counsellor
Cara Small - Student Counsellor
Jemma Banfield - Carmel House Coordinator
Hayley Gamble-Curran - Loreto House Coordinator
Kathryn Williams - McAuley House Coordinator
Deb Daly - Mercy House Coordinator

We place high priority on building strong partnerships with families and we ask for your help and support to reinforce our uniform expectations which can be found in the College diary. Setting high expectations around uniform positively benefits the school culture as it fosters an environment of professionalism where the focus can be on learning and academic success. It also allows subject teachers to immediately focus on teaching, wellbeing and establishing connections with students, rather than having to follow-up on their uniform.