Megan Edwards
Head of Student Wellbeing

It has been wonderful to see the students return to campus. Schools are an odd place without the buzz of students filling the classrooms and corridors. It has been inspiring to see them chat about their ideas and plans for the year as they find their way around all the new spaces. Already the students are focused on making the most of the opportunities available to them in not only their classes but also music, sport, social justice, leadership and all the cocurricular groups available to them.

On Tuesday February 1, it was a pleasure to welcome new Year 7 students to the College. The first day of school is always filled with a sense of apprehension and nervous energy. For many students, at the forefront of their thoughts are the questions, "Will I fit in?", "Can I be myself" or "Am I able to cope with all that is expected of me?" Some parents might even be questioning if OLMC will be the right fit for their child. These questions are normal as one transitions from the familiar to the less known environment.

Good transitions take time and patience whether one is new to the school or moving up a level. Parents should feel confident that they and their daughters are part of a learning community that is supportive, welcoming and inclusive. We encourage students to ask for help when they need and to talk to their Pastoral Leader or coordinator if they are unsure of processes, expectations or need help developing their skills or managing life.

The Student Wellbeing Team is keen to form strong partnerships with parents, guardians and caregivers so please contact a staff member should you have wellbeing concerns about your daughter. Queries regarding progress in a particular subject are best addressed to the subject teacher.

Year 7 Coordinator - Ms Stephanie Boemo
Year 8 Coordinator - Mrs Rowena Thomson
Year 9 Coordinator - Ms Sarah Nash

McAuley House Coordinator - Mrs Kathryn Williams
Loreto House Coordinator - Ms Hayley Gamble-Curran
Mercy House Coordinator - Mrs Deb Daly
Carmel House Coordinator - Ms Jemma Banfield

Student Leadership Coordinator - Ms Anna De Rosa

College Counsellors:
Ms Laurie Gunn - Counselling Coordinator (available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Ms Amanda Hawker - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Ms Cara Small - Thursday
Ms Elizabeth Marchi - Monday – Friday

College Nurses:
Ms Nadia Cutinelli - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Ms Janine Daniel - Wednesday

Uniform expectations
We ask for parents’ support in regards to the uniform and especially with the increasing number of students coming to school with eyelash extensions or piercings in the top of the ear or nose. The College has never allowed these and the expectations are the same for senior students as they are for our juniors. Students will be expected to remove these in a very short time frame.

We know how much research there is linking uniform as a visible expression of student engagement and sense of belonging, and in turn their success in learning.

Your support in helping your daughter meet these expectations will be much appreciated and will enable the teaching staff to concentrate their efforts on teaching and learning, and supporting your daughter’s wellbeing.

Change of address, contact number or health concern?
Please ensure that we have your most up to date contact details and that you have supplied the College with an emergency contact number of someone who can come to the College to pick up your daughter. If your daughter has had a change of living arrangements or in her health, please ensure that you update PAM or relevant staff as soon as possible. We want to be proactive in caring for your daughter and can only do this if we have the correct information.

    Useful Sources of Information
    The Parents’ Website has new articles and tips each fortnight related to young people. They provide ideas about starting conversations with your young person to sustain open discussion, ways to manage anxiety or other worries, ideas for professional help and more.

    You can also subscribe for fortnightly updates https://theparentswebsite.com.au/

    In our local area, Banyule Council are very open to working with families and young people and provide many opportunities, as well as supports. https://www.banyuleyouth.com/

    Reachout also provide many resources for parents and young people around friendships, social and emotional learning, and mental health. https://au.reachout.com/