Shane Taylor
Head of Faith and Mission

This year, our Student Leadership Team have chosen from Scripture our 2024 College theme: ’Varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit.’ 1 Corinthians 12:4

Part of their hope this year is to rebuild connection by articulating and inviting all into our common life in Mercy. It challenges us to live our Mercy heritage, welcoming all and actively seeking the gifts in others and, importantly, in ourselves. It empowers us to unite these gifts for a common purpose, to care for the brokenness, and to open our lives to the needs of others, especially those suffering. Catherine McAuley challenges us to put our whole confidence in God so that we can be and share Mercy with others.

So we pray…

God of Compassion and Mercy, source of compassion and love;
Inspire us to live the Gospel call to care for those who are most vulnerable.
Kindle in us a fire for justice poured out on our world.
May we be like Catherine McAuley in our faith, our love and our hope.


Thompson, C. (2022) Be as Shining Lamps: Preserving, Nurturing, Reimagining the Mercy Charism. Mercy Partners, pp. 65.