During Term 2, the Year 9 Drama class explored wellbeing themes that they felt were important to young people in this community. These explorations formed the basis for their ensemble performances that they created for assessment.

As a part of this unit of work, we invited the team from Sprouts Creative to come and run workshops with the students. This culminated in them writing a song based on the student reflection and work. The Year 9 Drama class engaged so wonderfully in the program, offering thoughtful responses and creating beautiful performance work. Congratulations to all of the Year 9 Drama students for their fabulous work last term.

Felicia Taine
Drama Teacher

Friendship, competition, confidence, and the future. These are all themes that we as Year 9s face in this new chapter of our lives. During our first Drama incursion, we challenged ourselves to wonder how we can address these struggles through an interpretation of the Performing Arts (with the help of fun, glittery and colourful props, of course). Ms Taine’s lucky Semester 1 Year 9 Drama class got to meet songwriter Bridget and performer Sharni from Sprouts Creative, who guided us through analysing and reflecting on each group act, to build an understanding of the feelings we may have every day.

The duo returned in June, to sing us a heartfelt song that was written based on the themes and topics we discussed, as well as the tableaus we had created. We were thrilled! The song was so emotional it made many people teary and it’s safe to say it did not disappoint.

Afterwards, our class got the opportunity to discuss the features and structure of the song and then actually learn the lyrics! We learnt about harmonies, the power of percussion instruments and the importance of stripping the song down to a sole melody to achieve a raw emotion.

I think I speak for everyone when I say Drama class is like a second family. We need the song on streaming services ASAP and the incursion was a memory that will live forever.

Liandra J (9LDA)