Year 11 Formal

On Thursday 20 July our highly anticipated Year 11 Formal was again held at Leonda By The Yarra.

All the guests looked fabulous when they arrived at the venue! Staff who joined us for the celebration were delighted to see many excited students dance the night away with friends. Last year, you may recall a special mention to Felicia Taine, whose emergency sewing skills were needed to mend one outfit, and this year her creativity was needed yet again!

Year 11 Formal is an important event in the students’ calendar as this opportunity allows them to socialise in a relaxed environment and take a well-deserved break from their regular school commitments. Events like these create a greater sense of community within the school and allows students to recharge and feel a renewed commitment to their studies as they settle into Semester 2.

100 Days of Year 12

Last week our Year 12 students celebrated 100 days of their last year in secondary school with the Year 7s who were celebrating their first 100 days. Our Year 7 Coordinator Ms Sarah Nash organised this fun event along with our Student Leadership Team and the help of our VCAL students.

McAuley Hall was transformed into a colourful space for students in each House to enjoy House-themed cookies, have time to reflect on the year so far and then come together to ‘Just Dance’ before Lesson 2.

Creating opportunities for our Year 7 and Year 12 students to interact is something we are wanting to build on in our Wellbeing program. This celebration was a wonderful opportunity for our younger students to share their highlights of Year 7 so far with our Senior students, who in turn could reflect on their time at school and share valuable advice with their Year 7 House buddies.

Deb Daly
Mercy House Coordinator