In Honour of Arts Week, Last Wednesday, students from Year levels 7 - 12 watched, cheered and supported their fellow peers at House Arts. House Arts OLMC’s annual showcase of the performing arts, music, dance, acting and more.

We would like to congratulate everyone who performed. Thank you for sharing your talent and love for the arts with us, and a big thank you to Ms De Rosa, Arts Captains Emma G. (LADR) and Nikita M. (CPSE) and the Student Leadership Team, for putting in tireless hours to make this the best House Arts yet!

In addition to House Arts, Friday lunchtime was met with Badge making, Jelly, Performances and showcases of the visual arts at White Night! White Night is something the Arts Captains have brought back after a difficult few years of COVID. The DAT space was filled with neon lights and happy faces of students immersing themselves in the activities.

We would again like to thank our Arts Captains Emma and Nikita, for bringing this incredible vision to life for us all to enjoy!

Carla D. (CBRY) and Jasmin B. (LMGL)
2022 Communications Captains