St Pius Reading Club

Every Tuesday afternoon, the bus is filled with a new group of Year 10s who are travelling to St Pius X Primary to volunteer their time to read with children in the Saint Vincent de Paul Reading Program.

This week for National Science Week, the girls helped students from Prep to Grade 5 make volcanos and milk art.

Thanks to all the girls and staff for their ongoing enthusiasm!

Period Poverty Day

This annual event run by the Feminist Collective will be held on Tuesday 30 August.

Period Poverty refers to the both cultural shame attached to menstruation and a lack of access to menstrual products, sanitation facilities, and adequate education.

We are asking all staff and students, to donate sanitary items to McAuley Services for Women who will provide these products to women escaping homelessness or domestic violence.

This event also aims to help normalise this most natural part of adolescence and life, and create further awareness about period poverty around the world.

The Feminist Collective students have been busy making bracelets to hand out on the day, and students will be able to paint their nails red during pastoral in solidarity!

Lauren Marquet and Elise Cooper
Social Justice Coordinators