Greetings, creative enthusiasts! We are thrilled to share an inspiring journey undertaken by a select group of Year 8 students who embarked on a unique artistic adventure: an offsite immersion program centred around the captivating world of ceramics.

Leaving behind the confines of traditional classrooms, these aspiring artists ventured beyond their comfort zones to delve into the fascinating realm of ceramics. The Artist Within program aimed not only to teach them the techniques of working with clay but to immerse them in an environment where their creativity could flourish.

Led by skilled ceramicist Keiko Matsui, the students were introduced to the foundations of ceramics. From shaping raw clay into intricate forms, to applying glazes that transform into vibrant hues after firing, the participants got their hands dirty in every sense of the phrase. The program emphasised hands-on learning, allowing students to learn by doing, exploring, and even making mistakes — an integral part of any artistic journey.

One of the most valuable aspects of this Artist Within Program was the opportunity for mentorship and collaboration. Students received personalised guidance from Keiko, who shared her insights and techniques, helping students refine their skills and develop a deeper understanding of the art form. With Keiko’s guidance, students created small, discrete objects that represented their own understanding of ‘home’. Not only were they skillfully crafted, they were infused with their unique personalities. From delicate vases adorned with intricate patterns, to sculptures that captured the essence of what is commonly found in a home, each piece told a story.

Alexandra Seit
Design, Art and Technology Learning Leader