The 2023 Celebration Concert held on Tuesday 29 August followed the theme of our scripture focus, allowing our students to learn and perform pieces representing a wide range of cultures and traditions. Performances ranged from our beginning Year 7 students in String Prodigy and Concert Band, to our talented VCE students performing works for their final assessments. There were also guest performances from Elite Dance and Voice Choir. We were also privileged to have a traditional Indian Dance performed by Neha Mathew.

Not all the songs were performed in foreign languages; some rocked, some portrayed a character and others displayed technical skill. The concert opened with a combination of choirs and staff performing ‘Welcome to the Rock’ the opening song from the hit musical Come from Away based on the people whose flights were redirected to Newfoundland during the 9/11 attacks. Our finale was ‘Babu Yetu’ which is not only the theme music to the videogame Civilisation, but also ‘Our Father’ in Swahili, a moving celebratory prayer. This was an appropriate ending to the Celebration Concert as it was a culmination of an evening where students, families and music from countries round the world were explored and represented through music.

All students who performed on this night are to be congratulated and we look forward to hearing more performances on Mercy Day and during Term 4.

Madalena Broadbent
Performing Arts Learning Leader