On Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 August, members from OLMC’s magnificent choirs gathered at Amberley Retreat to rehearse for the Celebration Concert. Under the skilled guidance of our Choir Director, Ms Russo, and the accompaniment of the talented Ms Mileto, choir members rehearsed across the two days undertaking morning vocal warm-ups, focused rehearsals, team-building activities and challenges.

At each rehearsal choir members worked hard to learn their repertoire for the Celebration Concert and upcoming Mercy Day Mass. Both the Senior and Junior Choir refined music for the mass, ‘Baba Yetu’ and ‘Welcome to the Rock’. Both of these pieces were performed at the Celebration Concert. Students also had some time for entertaining games with our Year 12 Leaders and a mini talent show on the final day.

Madalena Broadbent
Performing Arts Learning Leader