The sheCommerce Camp hosted by the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics was an academic enrichment program that took place in the July school holidays. Students from across Victoria who are passionate about leadership and community involvement applied to participate in this program that brought together high-school students, current Bachelor of Commerce students, Melbourne Uni alumni and academics for a three day camp. Hannah Hallibrton and Madeleine Kos of Year 9 were two of only forty participants who were selected to participate in this camp. Students were selected on the basis of letters about their goals, role models, significant achievements, extracurricular activities and ways they have shown leadership in the last few years.

On their return to school this term, Hannah and Madeleine glowed with excitement as they recounted the eye-opening and inspiring time they enjoyed experiencing a taste of University life during the camp, so who better to tell their stories…?

I had the incredible opportunity to attend the first ever sheCommerce camp at the University of Melbourne. This is a program that starts in Year 9 and continues through to Year 12 and it's all about educating young women in the extensive education and career paths in commerce.

As part of the program I attended a three day camp where I got to attend lectures, tour and stay at the Parkville U.M campus, network with other like-minded individuals and attend keynote speeches, panels and workshops. One of my highlights was hearing a keynote speech by Matt Kuperholtz about exponential technology. Matt is an artificial intelligence scientist who is a partner and chief data scientist at PwC. In his speech he outlined how fast technology is growing and how quickly the question has turned from "can we" to "should we" when we face the inevitable new and exciting breakthroughs in technology. He also spoke about his incredible career path and how he has become a partner at one of the biggest accounting firms in the world working on an AI network that will revolutionise the internet.

I also really enjoyed the trade room session where we learnt all about the stock market and the benefits of investing. Our professor introduced us to what the stock market looks like and initially the rapidly changing numbers and interchanging graphs were incredibly overwhelming. However, with time and help from our mentors (who are students at Melbourne University studying for a Bachelor of Commerce) and teachers we eventually got the hang of it and were able to make socially responsible investments in companies around the world. Overall it was an incredible experience and I am excited to continue in this program.
Hannah H. 9NWA

I was honoured to be chosen to participate in the three day live-in sheCommerce program at Melbourne University. I felt inspired to apply for the program because I have a passion for creative entrepreneurial ideas as shown in my own fairy floss business.

The Melbourne University sheCommerce program is a fantastic opportunity for high school girls to focus on knowledge and skills required to develop in areas of finance, economics, business, trade, marketing, advertising, technology and problem solving. It is also a terrific chance to network with peers who are equally passionate about business.

At the commencement of the program we all met mentors who were assigned to guide us and provide their knowledge and skills. We then met with all of the 40 participants and went on a tour around the University Campus. We got to meet the Commerce professors and the Dean of Commerce who gave us support, encouragement and insight into the many different and interesting career pathways that can stem from the study of Commerce.

We had a fun Trivia Night where it was great to get to know the girls and develop friendships, as well as the fun movie night! Our days there were jam packed with various enjoyable, immersive tasks and workshops. We engaged in activities including trading and the stock market, an economics auction, lunch with clubs and societies, an Exponential Technology presentation, a visit to an Indigenous art gallery and even a Q and A with an alumni panel.

On the last day we took part in a graduation ceremony to celebrate our first completed camp of many to come. I would say the highlight of the camp was that I had the opportunity to meet like-minded girls who were just as intrigued and interested in commerce as I am, and that I was able to make those connections and friendships that I never would have if I had not taken a chance and applied for this exciting opportunity.

Through this whole experience it has made me more eager to learn about commerce and apply what I learn to discover my future career.
Madeleine K. 9DCA

Sarah Nash
Year 9 Coordinator