Shane Taylor
Head of Faith and Mission

There is already much commentary around Referendum fatigue. As a Catholic School, in the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy, we wanted to share some information with our community.

OLMC respects the divided opinions of First Nations people. This is a challenging time with much debate, some information and misinformation and even death threats in some First Nation communities of differing views.

Our response is:

  1. To encourage research, discernment and prayer
  2. Explore what certain bodies are saying and why, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous
  3. Compare both sides of the argument.

Below are some useful links if you are seeking some information:

  1. ISMAPNG - 7 June 2023
  2. ACBC Statement - 11 May 2023
  3. Listen, Learn, Love - 27 August 2023 (ACBC Social Justice statement)
  4. An article by Fr Frank Brennan, a Jesuit, lawyer and academic - 1 September 2023

We pray that whatever the outcome, reconciliation and healing are front and centre of all we are doing.

Dear Lord
We invite all Australians to join us, their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Brothers and Sisters in prayer.
We pray for a bright and just shared future for all who call Australia home.
We ask that Your grace of acceptance and compassion will guide us.
Let the Creator Spirit lead our journey with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of this land.
May we share Your Spirit more deeply; celebrate the gifts You have given us.
Help us appreciate true harmony and peace just as our Old People did;
Keep us strong, make us resilient and remember us in this time.
Now is an opportunity to change our Nation’s history for the better.
Walk with us as we write a new chapter together and may we be one in Your love.


© NATSICC 2023