This year, we once again had an enthusiastic group of students participate in the Write a Book in a Day Competition. This event requires teams to produce a multi-chapter story within one school day using a range of prompts and criteria. This event is always a challenge as students need to ensure that the characters’ voices are consistent throughout the story, despite people working on different chapters. It is a great test of their creative writing skills and a day full of excitement. We wish each of the three teams all the best for the judging process which is currently underway.

More information about the event can be found on the Write a Book in a Day website.

Students who are keen to do more creative writing should come along to the Creative Writing Club at lunchtime on Tuesdays in the Learning Commons.

Anna Apfelstedt
Learning Commons Coordinator

Cyclone at the Disco - Caitlyn A, Katelyn D, Sophie F, Sarah G, Ella P, Keira L.

Charli hates social events. Truly, with a passion. This end of school disco is going to be a waste of time. She wouldn’t be going if it wasn’t for Jessie. What are big sisters for anyway? Standing in front of the mirror, she picks up her makeup sponge and dabs a little foundation on her nose. She chose to wear a dark, a-line dress to match her eyes, her ruby red hightops match her lipstick. There is no way she was going near heels.

The Ruby’s Rebellion - Louise B, Alexandra C, Sienna C, Netanya D, Olivia J, Charlotte M, Isla R and Erica W, Marissa E and Sienna M.

'Uh oh', I thought as I looked at the over-packed bag. The boat leaves in an hour, and I can't even close my bag yet. I decide to take out the purple jumper and my Grandma's ruby necklace, leaving them on my dresser. 'Ok, this miiiight work.' The lid of my suitcase is one centimetre from closing. 'Come onnnn!

Cyclones, Sponges & Soulmates - Amelia B, Lucy Kerr, Hannah K, Isabella L, Zarah L, Lacey, Sophie P, Georgia R, Winnie Q and Leia S.

I’ve always had a fond sense of nature. When my sight fails me, I find solace in the outdoors along with my other senses. The smell of fresh air, and the soft cooing of the birds. The sound of gum trees ruffling along the cool breeze. The magpies, the cockatoos and the galahs have always been some of my favourites.