Life in the Humanities Learning Area is as dynamic and engrossing as the very world we inhabit. Recently, our focus on Geography at Year 9 had Mr Ives’ students wondering how they could relay the message of climate issues to a younger audience in a practical, age-appropriate way.

As a learning team, they decided to create picture books during class time. Later, and intrepidly, they traversed the Cape Street crossing and ventured into the prep classrooms at St John’s Primary School to spread their creative, informative ideas about climate change via story sharing and conversation. You can read our students' reflections below:

Rosemary Jones
Humanities Learning Leader

Student Reflections:

Going to see the preps at St Johns, across the road, was a very rewarding experience. After working on our storybooks for a couple of weeks we finally had our chance to share them. The intent was that as climate change is an important issue that doesn't get enough publicity, we would make an accessible story to educate primary-schoolers.
It was lots of fun creating the story as well as reading it to the children. They seemed to value the experience as much as we did. The total experience, as a whole, was very enjoyable. It was different from standard classroom experiences and it felt more impactful than normal classwork.
Heidi 9DCH

On Monday, Mr Ives gave our class the opportunity to go across the road, and read books that we wrote to the preps at St. John’s Primary School. The idea of this was to educate the preps about what's happening in our world in a way in which they can interpret it, listen to it, and learn about what they can do to help stop these things from happening. We had to keep in mind that we were interacting with 5-year-olds so it was important to keep our stories and our interactions entertaining so we didn't lose their attention. This was done by providing them with a small activity after we read them our books. As a class our stories varied from subjects such as climate change and littering, to global warming and the importance of what we do in our future.
Kim 9DCH