Senior Wellbeing Program
In our Lesson 3 Pastoral on Tuesday 13 September we ran a number of Woman’s Health Sessions for our senior cohort. This wellbeing program was in line with Woman’s Health Week which is a nation-wide campaign that promotes health and wellbeing of women in Australia. Students were able to prioritise an area of their health by selecting the session they wanted to attend from a wide variety of workshops on offer. The campaign and these sessions are a timely reminder to our students to make time for their own health and wellbeing.

Below is an outline of the wonderful sessions we had on offer:

Eloise Chaston (AFLW - Collingwood): Strive and Thrive
This session was designed with a strong emphasis on building a healthy lifestyle and motivation. Students listened to AFLW player Eloise Chaston as she spoke about healthy eating/lifestyle, fitness and motivation.

Angelica Pupillo: Food and Mental Wellness
Angelica presented about the important link between mental health and good food. Together, students made a healthy snack and learnt about putting the right fuel in their body.

Walk This Way (around Heidelberg)
Physical activity has a huge potential to enhance our well-being. Even going for a short walk increases our mental alertness, energy and positive mood. This session was for those who wanted to get outside and boost their wellbeing.

Bright Girl Health Presentations: Live Brighter
In this session, students learnt about common period irregularities (heavy periods, PMS, missing periods, period pain) and tools to cope with these, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. They also learnt some help seeking strategies to navigate present and future health challenges.

Mental Health First Aid with members of the OLMC Counselling Team
It can be difficult to know how to support your peers when you notice they are not OK, you see them experience a panic attack, or when they tell you they are not OK. This session helped to take students beyond just asking the question ‘R U OK?’ and taught them to consider small, practical actions that they can take that may be helpful, how to encourage a friend to get help, and where they can go to get the support needed to help a peer without ‘owning’ the issue.

Nikki Visaj Dance Studio: Wellbeing Dance Workshop
This was the ultimate mind-body experience, combining passionate dance energy, collaborative fitness fun and irresistible rhythms with the calm, relaxing winding-down energies of mindfulness.

Flourish Girl Presentation
What kind of person do you want to be in life? This session was designed to discuss the pressure of society (yourselves, friends, society, social media) and help students to develop tools to check-in with themselves and others who might be struggling. This was a really interactive, fun and empowering session that helped students to recognise their own power.

Senior House Coordinators
Jemma Banfield, Kathryn Williams, Deb Daly and Hayley Gamble-Curran