For the first time in three years 38 excited students represented OLMC at the National Aerobic competition on the Gold Coast on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 September.

A lot of hard work, dedication and commitment has been demonstrated by the students, with the squad training twice a week since the beginning of Term 1. To even make it through to Nationals is an achievement in itself.

Many students from all over Australia competed and overall OLMC received 2nd place for the highest scoring school.

OLMC students received many placements however, the highlight was receiving first, second and third place for Aerodance.

The squad is to be congratulated for all of their impressive achievements for 2022 and can now have a well-deserved break for Term 4.

Trials will begin again later in the term for the 2023 OLMC Aerobic Squad.

2022 Aerobics Captains reflection:
During the last week of Term 3, 38 girls travelled to the Gold Coast to participate in Gymnastics Clubs National Championships.

After qualifying at the States Competition in July, the team could not wait to attend Nationals, as we had all been working hard all year to make it this far. The National Championships event took place over two massive days, the 15 and 16 September at Gold Coast Sport and Leisure Centre, where everyone arrived with big smiles, ready to compete.
Throughout the year, the girls worked very hard at training to refine their skills and perfect their routines in the leadup for this competition. All of the hard work was displayed when they performed their routines and quite a few teams placed.
Our Division 1 Aerodance teams placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd. A clean sweep! We are also proud to announce, for the third year in a row, OLMC placed second overall, as the best Aeroschool in the country. This would not have been made possible if it wasn’t for all of the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm shown by the squad throughout three terms of training.
As the Aerobics Captains for 2022, we are very proud of all the girls who participated in aerobics this year. We have seen the team's skills grow throughout the year, and love watching how determined the girls are to achieve the best in their performance. We wish all the girls the best of luck for next year and the other years to come, as we know that they will absolutely smash it.

Ashleigh, Angelique, Indi and Bella.


1st Place

Division 1 Aerodance
Matilda B. Year 10 (ASSE), Ellie S. Year 10 (AGLE), Kiara S. Year 10 (LJRE), Charlotte D. Year 10 (MFTA), Olivia J. Year 11 (LRJO), Ella C. Year 11 (LMGL), Kira W. Year 11 (LJRE), Lily L. Year 11 (CRIV), Kiara S. Year 8 (8JSE) and Stephanie A. Year 8 (8SLO).

2nd Place:

Level 4 Senior Trio
Angelique A. Year 12 (CSGP), Indiana O. Year 12 (LJRE) and Isabella F. Year 11 (AGLE).

Level 3 Intermediate Group
Isabelle P. Year 7 (7LSA), Kaitlyn M. Year 7 (7LSA), Chelsea C. Year 7 (7CCR) and Rheanah R. Year7 (7TLA).

Division 1 Aerodance
Isabelle P. Year 7 (7LSA), Kaitlyn M. Year 7 (7LSA), Chelsea C. Year 7 (7CCR), Rheanah R. Year7 (7TLA), Talia D. Year 7 (7LDA) and Sienna S. Year 7 (7MMA).

3rd Place

Division 1 Aerodance
Stefania A. Year 8 (8MWA), Harriet R. Year 8 (8LTI), Magdalen G. Year 9 (9DCA), Tabatha M. Year 9 (9SMI), Sophie B. Year 9 (9NWA) and Zara C. Year 9 (9NWA)

Level 4 Senior Duo
Alessia M. Year 12 (LKPA) and Olivia R. Year 12 (MCMI).

Level 3 Senior Duo
Kira W. Year 11 (LJRE) and Lily L. Year 11 (CRIV).

Level 3 Intermediate Duo
Stefania A. Year 8 (8MWA) and Harriet R. Year 8 (8LTI).

6th Place

Division 2 Aerodance
Angelique A. Year 12 (CSGP), Indiana O. Year 12 (LJRE), Isabella F. Year 11 (AGLE), Ashleigh P. Year 12 (MSHO), Kyra G. Year 12 (AMJE), Mollie L. Year 12 (CMSM), Alessia M. Year 12 (LKPA), Olivia R. Year 12 (MCMI), Erin H. Year 12 (LRJO) and Tahlia S. Year 12 (LKPA).

Level 4 Intermediate Group
Matilda B. Year 10 (ASSE), Ellie S. Year 10 (AGLE), Kiara S. Year 10 (LJRE) and Charlotte D. Year 10 (MFTA).

Level 4 Duo
Stephanie A. Year 8 (8SLO) and Kiara S. Year 8 (8JSE).

Deb Butterworth
Aerobics Coordinator