Humanities students across Years 7-12 were invited to test their geographical skills and knowledge in the 2023 Australian Geography Competition earlier this year. The competition aims to encourage student interest in geography and reward student excellence. We have recently received the results and were very pleased with how OLMC students performed.

Over 65,000 students from across more than 700 schools entered the Australian Geography Competition this year. They were tested across the three cognitive domains of knowing, applying and reasoning. Students used stimulus materials and their own geographic understanding to analyse, synthesise and generalise often in unfamiliar and complex contexts. Geography is an important subject bringing together the physical and human dimensions of our environments and helping students to develop a deeper understanding of the world and its challenges.

Congratulations to Zoe W (11LJVA) who received a Certificate of Distinction. Certificates of Credit were awarded to Alexia T (8DBU), Lacey M (9GTA), and Heidi C (10LAGA).

Rowena Thomson
Humanities Teacher & Transition Coordinator