As their Senior Work-Related Skills project for Semester 2, our Senior VCAL students developed and delivered their own business concept, producing an exclusive and very limited-edition candle release to the OLMC school community. Working through numerous phases of a business project including ideation, market-research, budget, proposal permissions, advertising campaigns, manufacturing and the ‘big sell’, our students fully embraced this applied learning project with commitment and enthusiasm.

The two candles, ‘Reflect' and 'Reset’, underwent various concept changes from design, to scent, to costings, to target market, all of which provided valuable lessons on the various areas of business. Market Day on Monday 9 October showed plenty of interest from teachers and students, with all candles sold and all profits going to support McAuley for Women and Children. It was a fantastic experience and a wonderful achievement. Congratulations to Madison B, Georgia B, Alysia B, Matilda L and Sammie M for their effort, creativity and commitment to this task.

On reflection, the students noted that they not only learned about the demands of business, but their own professional skills and areas for growth.

‘I loved adding my own touch to our company and product and am proud that I was able to help make our candle business a success.' Matilda L (12APSM)

‘The most satisfying part of the project was creating a business from scratch. I learnt so many business needs and skills over this project.' Sammie M (12MAMN)

‘We had to keep changing the dates to fit our school commitments but overcame this by working as a team and trying to be flexible with our schedule and as an end result, we were successful.' Georgia B (12AASE)

Melinda Williams
Careers Coordinator