The teaching team is looking forward to welcoming and working with our final cohort of Year 9 Horizon students for 2021. We bid farewell to 9BKE and 9NWA and trust they have discovered things about themselves and their world that they can transfer into their mainstream learning environment.

9SBR and 9DCA students will experience the Horizon hybrid plan with all its dynamic and moveable parts, but they commence the program in lockdown and follow our remote learning introduction. The team will strive to give Term 4 students every opportunity to practise and develop their skills of collaboration, creativity and critical thinking while considering topics about career pathways, financial planning and social issues and change.

Although community activities will be restricted initially, we will share a range of learning challenges that we hope will hook students into thinking, musing and discussing ideas and educational endeavours.

During our first week together, students will be introduced to ‘Beyond the Baggot’ where they explore what study and work might look like outside Year 9 classroom walls, a short ‘CoVideo’ project, where they work with a group to create a web series, and the IBL - the iconic, fabulous inquiry where students pursue an area of personal academic interest.

We will discuss the importance of organisation. We will also ask students to consider taking responsibility for their own learning, to rely less on us telling them what to do, and more on what they want to show us. Such is the beauty of the Horizon term and we cannot wait to see what 9SBR and 9DCA learn along the way.

Rosemary Jones
Horizon Coordinator