It would be fair to say in 2020/2021 that we have all been affected by the challenges of at home learning. This challenge can be exacerbated when a school subject requires access to specialist equipment, materials and resources- such as with our Year 12 Studio Art, Visual Communication Design and Media classes.

Despite these challenges, our Unit 3 and 4 students have displayed remarkable resilience, ingenuity and creativity to complete and submit their final folios. Even more pleasing for staff to witness is that the work submitted has reached levels of excellence and detail that match that of their contemporaries from previous years.

Problem solving is a core focus of our Design, Art and Technology course across the year levels. Our Year 12 students have had to consistently draw on this skill to find solutions to the challenges of creating and making at home. This has been a sometimes difficult experience, but our staff firmly believe that a silver lining to come out of this is that our students now have the skills and grit to face any new challenges as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

We could not be more proud. Well done to all.

Mark Jenkinson
Design, Art & Technology Learning Leader