We are thrilled to share the remarkable success of our recent Caldow Collection and Design, Art and Technology (DAT) Show, an event that showcased the incredible talent, creativity, and dedication of our students. It was an evening filled with wonder and inspiration, and it highlighted the tremendous potential that resides within our student body.

The Caldow Collection and DAT Show, held on Thursday 12 October, was a testament to the vibrancy of youth and the power of artistic expression. The hallways and classrooms were transformed into a visual feast, displaying an incredible array of work, including paintings, drawings, photography and food. The talent exhibited by our students was awe-inspiring, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended.

The Exhibition served as a platform to nurture and support the budding talents in our school. Many of our students bravely shared their work with the public for the very first time, marking a significant milestone in their artistic journeys. The positive feedback and encouragement they received from teachers, fellow students, and visitors reaffirmed the importance of fostering creativity and self-expression.

We congratulate the Subject Award winners and students selected to feature in the 2023 Caldow Collection. Additionally, we congratulate Alessia K (12MJBA), the 2023 Jane Sutherland Award recipient.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the dedicated DAT teachers who have nurtured and mentored these talented students. Their guidance and encouragement have played a pivotal role in helping our young artists flourish.

To our OLMC community, thank you for being a part of this remarkable celebration of young artistic talent. We eagerly await the new heights our students will achieve in their artistic pursuits as we enter 2024.

Alexandra Seit
Design, Art and Technology Learning Leader

Cate D 12MJBA
Matilda P 10AGGL
Alli R 8BHO
Talia B 11AHRA
Loren R 9RCH
Alyssia S 10CRIV
Elizabeth C 10LRJO
Jacqueline S 10AASE
Liliana C 10AJGU
Mia M 10CRIV
Ella P 11LAGA
Sophie F 11CSGP
Julia S 11LAGA
Indra L 11MAMN
Genevieve Q 11CCTR
Bethany H 11LRJO