Shane Taylor
Head of Faith and Mission

As the situation in the Middle East continues to worsen, I encourage you to read this letter from Cardinal Pizzaballa, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem: Letter to the entire diocese.

Cardinal Pizzaballa says, ‘The whole world views this Holy Land of ours as a place that is a constant cause of wars and divisions. That is precisely why it was good that a few days ago, the whole world joined us with a day of prayer and fasting for peace. It was a beautiful view of the Holy Land and an important moment of unity with our Church. And that view is still there. On 27 October, the Pope has called for a second day of prayer and fasting so that our intercession may continue. It will be a day that we will celebrate with conviction. It is perhaps the main thing we Christians can do at this time: pray, do penance, intercede.’

Let us join our prayers with those of the world, in the words written by one of our Year 7 students:

God of peace and love,

We pray for the peoples of Israel and Palestine, whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim, as many suffer.

We may not fully understand the complexities of the situation, but we know that love and peace are what we should seek.

Holy Spirit, help us and the leaders of both sides understand that every human person is your child, deserving of dignity, safety, and peace.

May we show empathy, kindness, and unity to those in need, regardless of their background or beliefs.

We pray for all the children, mothers, fathers, and families who are affected by the conflicts. Please protect them, comfort them, and give them the strength to cope with these challenging times.