November is upon us, we have students completing VCE exams in History, Accounting, Business Management, Global Politics and Legal Studies, and our Learning Area wishes the cohort all the very best. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Humanities team - those teachers who cultivated the Class of 2022’s thinking over the years, considered their writing, conducted the classroom conversations, and encouraged them to use evidence when answering questions and exploring topics in Years 7-11.

Thank you to those 2022 tenacious teachers who have nurtured and extended our Units 3 and 4 Humanities students. Our students are the beneficiaries of years of experience, hours of work and often a combination of the two! These endeavours extend beyond the classroom, and below are a handful of activities that have kept the Humanities Learning Area humming along over the past couple of months:

Inaugural Revolutions Study Soiree and Dinner
The Units 3 and 4 History class held an early evening study soiree and pizza dinner, inviting students from The Academy of Mary Immaculate and Yarra Valley Grammar to join them for conversations about the Russian Revolution. Mini lectures were given. Educational games were played. The Ra-Ra-Rasputin ‘Let’s Dance’ boogie-off was contested. Much fun - and intellectual challenge - was experienced, and thank you to Mr Patrick Smithers for his idea, organisation and hosting of the event.

Year 10 Commerce - Business Focus on Burgundy Street
Short excursions within the local area are not to be discounted, especially when learning about an engaging business curriculum can be combined with Burgundy Street chicken-salted chips! Last month, our Year 10 Commerce class ventured locally to contemplate the positioning of businesses along the main commercial strip. Students investigated why businesses selected particular spots, how their positioning allowed them to thrive and what factors contributed to their success. They also considered the advantages and disadvantages of being located along the strip compared to within Warringal Plaza. Thank you to Mr Russell Ives for initiating and conducting this session with his class.

At the Year 10 Political Convention in Melbourne
The Civics and Citizenship Pilot program was an extremely enjoyable experience that I was privileged to be a part of alongside other Year 10 students and Mr Ives. The program allowed for amazing group work which ultimately helped me to gain new friends and work with a diverse group of students. The topic this year was about compulsory voting. It was very interesting to debate and listen to the different perspectives from all around Australia and was such a new and enjoyable experience. The entire day was filled with activities, listening, discussions and plenty of time to share perspectives and opinions. Overall, the day was definitely worthwhile and is an experience that I would recommend to everyone!
From Natasha J. Year 10 (CRIV)

Rosemary Jones
Humanities Learning Leader