Cantor Scholarships – Applications are now open !

Students who will be in Year 10 in 2022 are invited to apply if they have an interest in representing the college through vocal performance. Preference will be given to students who have supported OLMC through performing arts extra-curricular activities since Year 7. Students do not need to be presently undertaking vocal lessons to apply.

To apply, complete the application forms on SIMON/PAM and return to the Music Office or by email to jmileto@olmc.vic.edu.au by 29 October 2021.

One of our 2021 Cantors shares her experience:

"The Cantor scholarship has definitely been one of my highlight experiences at OLMC. I am absolutely in love with music and everything about the Arts, so I wanted to seek out every opportunity that I could to learn and grow. Before becoming a Cantor, harmonies were something I struggled with and after working with Ms Russo and my wonderful friends in our rehearsals, I grew a newfound confidence.

Throughout your time as a Cantor, you get to work with the wonderful Ms Russo who is one of the best singing teachers you'll ever meet! Ms Russo has helped me and so many other students grow and continue to improve over the years, and I am extremely grateful to have her as my singing teacher. The other Cantors were not only people in my singing ensemble, but they were also my great friends. We were friends before, but going through lockdown after lockdown and not being able to perform was hard on all of us, as we just wanted to make beautiful music on a stage together. Due to the fact that we didn't have much time at school, the weeks where Cantor rehearsal was running, I was so excited. It was definitely a highlight of my week! In the end, we might not have been able to perform on a stage but, I still got to make beautiful music with such talented and kind-hearted people."

Bridie, 11CCTR

Jo-Anne Mileto
Instrumental Music Coordinator