The week of Monday 11 October was a week filled with celebrations for the current Year 12 cohort. Each day, there was a special activity for the Year 12s to make lasting memories and experience those rights of passages before they leave our OLMC gates.

On Tuesday 12 October, our Houses held final assemblies in the online format we have come to know and love. There was a chance to thank Pastoral teachers and farewell our Year 12s. House assemblies were filled with speeches, handovers, slideshows and shout-outs recognising students' contribution and connection to their Houses. After assembly, the 12s enjoyed ice-creams and sat in the glorious sun with their friends.

On Thursday 14 October, the Year 12s were able to make a lasting mark on their Houses by creating House banners for Carmel, Loreto, McAuley and Mercy. The 12s spent lunch painting, signing and leaving their hand prints on their banners. It was an activity that brought so much joy and made them feel like kids again.

Friday 15 October, was Graduation Day which involved a live streamed Liturgy and Assembly. Students received their time capsules made in Year 7 and enjoyed lunch. We were so lucky to have weather to allow us to be outside. We were in awe of the Year 12s and their genuine gratitude to have a Graduation day. When the time capsules were opened there were laughs, tears and reminiscing about memories formed at OLMC. It was an emotional day for all involved and there was not a dry eye in the house.

We farewelled our Year 12s out the gate with a box of cupcakes to take home to share with their families. We all felt so much relief and joy that we made it to this day and the Year 12s got the send-off they deserved, even in a different format.

We wish our Year 12s all the best as they head into their final examinations.

House Coordinators