Jesse Tree

The lead-up to Christmas is a time of joy and excitement for many, but it can also be a stressful time for those in our community experiencing hardship. We honour the Catholic tradition of the Jesse Tree, each branch representing new life, and new beginnings.

We will once again work with each Year Level to raise awareness of important issues and to fundraise for projects to benefit those around us this Christmas.

Year 7 - Christmas Presents for Children

We have asked each Pastoral Group to raise enough money to purchase two Christmas presents for children living in and around the Exodus Community, whose families may struggle financially to afford presents this year. The gifts will be lovingly wrapped and delivered to people’s homes before Christmas.

Year 8 - Food Vouchers

The Year 8s will be asked to donate money to purchase grocery vouchers for families at this expensive time of year. These vouchers are so gratefully received and continue to be of great need.

Year 9 - Opening the Doors Foundation

As we move forward from the result of the Referendum, we recognise the importance of continuing our essential work to create awareness around issues that our First Nations people face and working to close the gap. Opening the Doors Foundation works to enable Aboriginal students to participate fully and equally in education, and supports their families to make their own choices about their children’s future.

To learn more visit: Opening the Doors

Senior School - Refugee Families

We invite our Senior School students to turn their attention to supporting refugee families living in our community who are supported by Sister Margaret Moore and the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy. Funds raised will go directly to a small group of families from different origins who are struggling to afford basic food, clothing, rent and essential services.

Christmas with the Exodus community

Thank you to all the staff and students who have volunteered their time to prepare, cook, serve and enjoy dinner with our friends in West Heidelberg throughout the year. A special mention to Marie Jenkins and Vanessa Dimovski who are there every second Thursday to make these great dinners possible.

The year will conclude with a special Christmas Dinner on Sunday 17 December and will include a few staff and students helping out once more.

At the end of this dinner, we will hand out one Christmas Hamper to each household. This lovely Christmas tradition continues, with all OLMC staff invited to contribute special Christmas food items to help make Christmas more joyful, and delicious. Thank you to all staff for your generosity.

Once again this year, the hampers will include some extra-special Christmas decorations and craft kits, hand-made by the VCE VM students.

Term 4 Horizon will be getting out their smocks next week to paint the blank hampers with beautiful Christmas designs.

We can’t wait to see the finished products!

Lauren Marquet
Social Justice Coordinator