Judith Weir

Last week we welcomed students and families to the Year 7-10 Music Concert. It was a joy to see how much students have achieved over the course of the year as we listened to instrumental and vocal performances. It is always a humbling experience to be in the presence of the talent of our students. They are to be congratulated for their courage to perform and the joy in the music shared with all of us.

Each year at this time I am reminded of how much is left to do when the end seems so near. I am sure that many of your children are feeling like that too as they complete assessments and get ready for exams. A highlight of this time of year is the arrival of our families from Year 7 2023. On Tuesday we welcomed them and it was wonderful to see parents excited about the next stage in their child’s educational journey. The night also marks the beginning of our transition to the 2023 year. Our Year 12s have now completed all their exams and are finding ways to celebrate while they await results.

Year 10 and 11 students are in exam mode. At OLMC we introduce exams at Year 10 in line with the view that this is the beginning of the senior years at secondary school when assessments in their final year will include exams. As such, this is an important time for students to learn about how they work in preparation for exams and during the exam itself. Following exams, both year levels will have an opportunity to do some preparation work for 2023.

The year is rapidly coming to an end and we will soon move into the season of Advent where we begin our preparations for Christmas. However, we still have some work to do and I encourage all of our students to make the most of the next few weeks continuing to strive to achieve their best.

I share this prayer for exams in the hope that you might also share it with your child. In a small way, it may help to bring calm to the exam room.

Prayer For Exam
Come still my heart,
O Lord Calm my nerves and focus my mind.
Father, I lay before you everything I have studied.
May I channel all I have learnt into this exam.
Please give me the faith to believe I can pass this test,
Yet the peace to know that all is well.
Thank you that you are with me no matter what the result,
Thank you that your friendship is eternal.