Despite COVID restrictions the Year 10 World War History students were still able to come face to face with a holocaust survivor albeit virtually.

The girls were introduced to Gilah Leder who survived Nazi persecution. Gilah was removed from her Jewish family and adopted by a large Polish Catholic family, where she joined 7 siblings . This decision, while allowing her to survive, was not only very dangerous but also difficult as she was removed from her own family and also introduced to new ways of being and a new religion.

Gilah’s story speaks of both the bravery and compassion humans display in the face of persecution.

The girls were very interested in Gilah’s story and were able to ask her many questions about her experiences. Her story of belonging and identity intersected with the lives of current students who were able to relate to the difficulties experienced by Gilah in order to survive.

Thank you to Mr Smithers for organising this event.

Russell Ives
Humanities Learning Leader