Judith Weir

On Wednesday we welcomed all students back from remote learning. While they have all spent time at school over the last week it was a pleasure to welcome them to a full return. We are grateful that we can complete the year at school. The joy on the faces of our young people as they reconnected with their friends was heartening. We are also aware that this has required some adjustments for all of us as we settle back into the normal expectations and routines.

We are also entering into a very busy time for students. They are now focused on getting ready to complete assessments and so a continued focus on developing their study skills remains key for them over the coming weeks. Year 10 and 11 students will soon begin their examination period. This is an excellent time to learn from their preparations and successes as they focus on the final years of their secondary schooling. We continue to hold all our Year 12 students in our prayers as they complete their final examinations.

I would like to thank parents, students and staff for their support and cooperation as we navigate through the challenges that COVID-19 continues to present. We have learnt a great deal from our experience, not the least being the courage and compassion of the OLMC community. The Leadership Team has been overwhelmed by the understanding and support shown to them when parents have been contacted. We continue to seek your support in encouraging all students to wear masks appropriately indoors and to use the sanitising facilities in their classrooms. A reminder that anyone who is unwell in any way should not attend the College.

OLMC Congratulates Jocelyn Bignold CEO McAuley Community Services for Women

Earlier this year we provided a link for our community to vote for Jocelyn for the Local Hero award. Thank you to all from OLMC who voted. We hope that in a small way we helped to contribute to the win. The announcement from McAuley Community Services for Women follows:

In August, we asked for your vote to support our CEO Jocelyn Bignold OAM as a Westfield Local Hero at Westfield Airport West.

Today we’re delighted to announce she was successfully awarded the title.

It’s so wonderful to see Joce’s dedication to women and children recognised as one of three top local finalists.

Jocelyn has spent her career working in support of women and children who have experienced family violence and women who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness. She is a passionate and dedicated advocate for the cause and is a leader in the sector - specifically leading sector advocacy for system change. She is a true inspiration to those she meets and to those who work at McAuley – we would not have the impact we do in Victoria without her leadership and focus on the end goal - of helping women and children find safety and helping them toward building a safe and independent future.

Your support has helped to secure a $10,000 grant which will boost our McAuley Learning Support program.

She couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much for your vote and continued support.

November is a time of remembrance; a time to remember all those who have passed. So many families around the world have experienced loss in recent years because of the pandemic, natural disasters or war. For all in our community who have suffered loss this year we hold you in our prayers and thoughts.