It was great to welcome all the Year 7 students back to school late last month. It was very apparent that many students found great joy in returning to school life and catching up with their peers.

Teachers understand that the students may take a bit of time and need assistance adapting to the earlier starts, longer days, and getting back into regular school routines. Please contact me or the relevant Pastoral Leader if you or your daughter requires any support adjusting back to onsite learning.

As the end of the year is fast approaching, the Year 7s have started to work on their time capsules. Each year the Year 7 students collect photos, funny stories, notes and memorabilia to put into their time capsules which will be stored until they are in Year 12. An envelope with instructions will be sent home soon inviting a parent or significant adult to write an affirming letter to their young person. It will be sealed so that they cannot read it until their final day in 2026.

Our focus then turns to Year 8 transition. Over the coming weeks students will participate in some Q&A sessions and hear from some older students about what to expect when changing pastoral groups, teachers and some subjects. As mentioned in my recent correspondence to you regarding the class allocation process, we believe that students benefit greatly by mixing up the classes to create new opportunities to work with different students and expand connections.

Some suggestions when talking with your daughter about transitioning into Year 8:

  • Anticipate the change and plan ahead. Is there anything that you can do to help prepare for changes?
  • Do not take change personally. An emotional response to change is natural. We tend only see what’s being taken away from us.
  • Focus on possibilities. Being optimistic about outcomes does not necessarily mean you have to be happy in the moment. Look long term and see the big picture.
  • Think about past times when you have coped with change. When were they? How did you cope then? Access those resources and remind yourself that you will get through this latest challenge.
  • Allow yourself time to adjust. New habits and routines take time to develop. The stability will come.
Rowena Thomson
Year 7 Coordinator