Andrew Gibson
Curriculum Coordinator

The end of the year always seems to come in a rush. The Year 12 VCAA exams concluding in mid-November hint that the Year 10 and 11 exams are close. For students in Years 7-9, there are the final assessment tasks, the final Horizon camp, and not too far away, the final classes for the year.

However, while we are concluding 2023, it is also a time where we have one foot in 2024. Courses are being reviewed for 2024, and our Mathematics Learning Area has spent some time during this exam period unpacking and sequencing the new Year 7-10 Mathematics Curriculum. The new Mathematics Curriculum is to be phased in over the next two years. In other Learning Areas, new Victorian Curriculum Version 2.0 will be released for familiarisation during 2024.

For our Senior students, our Orientation week commences on Friday 1 December. The Orientation program is an opportunity for students to start to understand what is required of them in their VCE or VCE VM studies. While the summer holidays offer an important time for students to rest and recharge, there is also an expectation, particularly for our Year 12 students, that they continue to learn – whether through set homework, revision of prior learning, or reading of texts in preparation for 2024.

Student reports for Semester Two will be available on SIMON and PAM in the afternoon of Friday 8 December. When they are available you will receive a notification via email and an announcement will be placed on PAM. The email will also provide you with an outline of the various sections of the reports.

I hope that you have a Merry Christmas and a joyous start to 2024.