It has been an excellent start to the new school year in Health and Physical Education.

The Health and Physical Education teachers are thrilled to have their classes back on site again. It is great to explore the various Health topics we are covering in our classrooms together, but it is especially pleasing to see our students being active together in PE and experiencing new sports together. I think one thing we learnt through our experience in the last two years of being in lockdown, is the importance of being active for our overall health and wellbeing. We hope our students take every opportunity to be active in our PE classes. PE is a great way to develop physical skills associated with the sports and activities we cover, but it also provides a chance to develop leaderships skills and connections with peers as well.

Unit 1 and Unit 3 VCE PE classes have started their study of their first outcome focusing on the systems of the body and how biomechanical principles apply to sport. This year we also have not only two class of VET Allied Health up and running, but for the first time, we also have Year 1 and 2 VET Sport and Recreation running in the same year. It is great to see students taking up VET options after considering their interests and the way they like to learn.

Our Year 10 students have begun one of the subjects on offer this semester: Movement and Physical Activity, Health and Our Community and Coaching and Event Management. The planning of the surfing excursion is also underway for later in the term for those students who have selected Mind, Body and Soul this Semester.

In our junior classes, Year 9 have begun their Training Programs unit where students complete a number of fitness tests to identify a focus for their own training program. This term, Year 7 visit the Ivanhoe Indoor Aquatic Centre to participate in a water safety session as well as participating in a Softball unit back at school. Perhaps inspired by an Ashes winning summer for both our Australian Men's and Women's teams, Year 8 start the year honing their cricket skills. Here are a few shots of some of our Year 8 students practising their batting skills in a modified indoor game.

Megan Edwards
Health and Physical Education Learning Leader