Shane Taylor
Head of Faith and Mission

Last Wednesday we began our Lenten journey together as our Faith community, with Mass for the whole school, celebrated by Fr Erick Niriyagira CP. In his homily, Fr Erick challenges us this Lent to consider this statement… ‘To fall is an accident, to get up is a choice’. A message that students connected with, understanding its importance. At the end of Mass, we blessed and commissioned our 2024 Student Leaders. These young women then pledged the following:

Ms Weir: Elected student leaders, your school community has chosen you to be the 2024 leaders. Do you accept the responsibility for which you have been chosen?

Leaders: We do.

Ms Weir: Will you maintain the College values of justice, compassion, courage and joy and demonstrate these in your day-to-day leadership role, being God’s love in action?

Leaders: We will.

Ms Weir: Will you serve this faith community with energy, enthusiasm and respect for others as Catherine McAuley did in her following of Jesus?

Leaders: We will.

Ms Weir: I invite you to place your badge on your uniform as you now lead our faith community. Let us offer a round of applause as we congratulate these leaders.