On Shrove Tuesday, a group of wonderful Year 10s accompanied by Mrs Walker and Mrs Marquet represented OLMC at the Launch of Project Compassion, hosted at our sister school, The Academy of Mary Immaculate Fitzroy. At this launch organised by Caritas Australia, Archbishop Peter said, ‘I want to say to all of you here today, and to myself, to all of us: we are all called, chosen and sent. And we can do this by our love that is in service to others. Project Compassion is a way, it’s one way, but a way of saying that we have been called and chosen and sent to love and serve those in need.’

‘Attending the launch of Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion at Academy College was a great experience where we were able to interact with students from other Mercy schools. During the Mass I was inspired by the Caritas volunteers who shared their journey with us. They expressed the huge impact of this project and how they see our donations change lives as it provides immediate aid to those in need but also long-term solutions to break the cycle of poverty. Their profound dedication to alleviate poverty and injustice worldwide was moving. This ignited a sense of purpose within me, prompting me to now take an active role in the fundraisers that we will hold in our school to raise not only money but awareness of Project Compassion.’

Aprila D (10AJIN)

‘Going to the Caritas Launch of Project Compassion was definitely an enjoyable experience. We had pancakes for morning tea courtesy of the Academy. It was definitely better to go with friends because we got to talk during morning tea and it made the whole thing more fun. During the launch, I learnt that Caritas helped out about 800,000 people last year due to Project Compassion. I also learnt more specifics about what Caritas actually does and how much they’ve helped people, and that there are a lot more ways to help out than you think.’

Rianna J (10CCTR)

These OLMC students are now planning our Project Compassion. Watch this space!

Lauren Marquet
Social Justice Coordinator