VET qualifications provide industry exposure and opportunities for experience in the workplace. VET, which stands for Vocational Education and Training, can strengthen a student’s education by giving them the opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge.

Completing a VET subject as part of a student’s program is a great way to experience more hands-on learning, with the opportunity to work towards a nationally recognised vocational qualification while still at school. VET adds variety to a student’s subject load whilst still contributing towards their VCE or VCE VM program.

In 2024, we have 57 students across Years 11 and 12 completing a VET qualification as part of their program outside of OLMC. Some of the subjects studied include: Acting, Hospitality, Design Fundamentals, Beauty Services and Engineering.

‘This year I am completing my second year of a Hospitality VET course at William Angliss, which is a scored VCE subject that counts towards my ATAR. So far, I have found the first year of my course enjoyable and would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to gain some training and experience in this sector. Since starting the course, I have undergone barista and hotel training which I found interesting and has helped me get my current job as a barista at a café. VET also gives me the opportunity to connect with likeminded people who I get to see every Wednesday. VET has also been a good experience to know what life beyond OLMC may look like and what career opportunities may be available to me in the future.’

Justine L (12MMZI)

‘This year I am completing my second year of Beauty Services. I have loved my course so far and learnt a lot about different types of beauty services like lash extensions and spray tanning. The course focuses on many different elements which will help me form a good basis for my future career in beauty as I would like to be a future lash technician. I would highly recommend this course to anyone as it has helped me grow my skills through the practical and hands-on work I complete and allows me to express my passion for different types of treatments and services. I'm very excited to continue exploring the opportunities offered in the course this year and in the future.’

Hanna F (12LSMI)

OLMC also offers two VET courses here at the College, currently studied by 86 students: Certificate III in Sport and Recreation and Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance (partial completion).

‘Second year VET Health students have started the year learning about taking clinical measurements. Students are developing their skills in taking and recording clinical measurements such as vital signs and blood pressure, as well as communicating important clinical information between patients and practitioners. These skills, along with anatomy and medical terminology are preparing our VET Health students for potential careers in the Health Sciences as well as contributing to their VCE program.’

Fiona Koenig-Doig
Student Leadership Coordinator

Year 9 and 10 students may wish to consider a VET subject as an option in their Senior years. More information on selecting VET subjects will be available during the subject selection period towards the end of Term 2 and beginning of Term 3.

Cody Miller
Pathways Coordinator