As we move further into the school year, it brings us great joy to witness the smooth transition of our Year 7 students into our school community. The move from primary to secondary school can be daunting, but our Year 7 cohort has gracefully embraced this change, embodying the values of courage and compassion that characterise our OLMC family.

One of our key commitments is to foster a nurturing environment that ensures that every student feels a profound sense of inclusion and belonging. The recent Year 7 Welcome Mass provided a heartfelt introduction to the warmth and fellowship that define our College community. Guided by their College Captains and Year 12 House Buddies, our newest members have been warmly welcomed into the fold, forging connections that will continue to be strengthened throughout the year.

While many students have already found their footing, we acknowledge that navigating new friendships and connections takes time. We reassure both students and parents that it is natural to take a while to 'find your people', and our commitment to fostering an environment where every student feels valued and supported remains unwavering.

As we look towards the future, one area of focus will be instilling a sense of responsibility and organisation among our students. It is essential that students come to class equipped with the necessary materials and equipment. Through gentle guidance and reinforcement of expectations, we aim to empower our students to take greater ownership of their learning journey.

Students have started to receive homework in their Mathematics, English, and Language classes. Parents and guardians can actively monitor this through the Parent Access Module (PAM), ensuring a collaborative approach to student learning.

On a note on digital citizenship, we kindly remind students to place their mobile phones in their lockers during the school day. It is imperative that students refrain from taking photos or filming videos of each other unless explicitly instructed by a teacher for educational purposes. Upholding respectful and responsible behaviour in the digital realm is essential to maintaining a safe learning environment for all.

As we continue on this journey together we look forward to working in partnership with families to support and empower our students to shine.

Kylie Willis
Year 7 Level Coordinator