The Year 9 Cohort of 2021 all started their journeys at OLMC in house based Year 7 pastoral groups. In 2022 these students will join our seniors in vertical house based pastoral groups. Transition at any stage in life can be daunting, so here at OLMC we incorporate a range of sessions to help the students prepare for this experience in their schooling journey.

Throughout Term 4, students have heard from current Year 10s who shared their experience moving into the senior school, and provided some great school tips, especially to do with organisation- as the lockers won’t necessarily be right outside the classroom door.

Students have also had a few pastoral sessions in the House groups, helping them connect with peers who’ll be in their pastoral groups for 2022. Last week they also meet with their new House Coordinator for a Q and A session, and this week, students shared house coloured cupcakes, and received virtual welcome messages from the current Year 10 and Year 11 students. Current Year 9 families will receive communication later this week with details on how to contact the new coordinators should they need to touch base before the start of 2022.

Stephanie Boemo
Year 9 Level Coordinator
Year 9 Transition