Happy Phi Day

Year 8 MED investigated the number Phi.

Phi has been studied since at least 300 BCE when it was defined by the Greek Mathematician Euclid.

Phi can be found in all aspects of the universe and is the constant

The golden ratio is 1 : 1.618…

Phi can be observed in many areas of mathematics related to fractal patterns and is seen in shells, flower seed heads, pineapples, ferns and pinecones to name a few. Phi also plays a key role in Western aesthetics and architecture and features prominently in the work of artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci.

The girls learnt about the Fibonacci sequence and how this relates to Fibonacci squares. They then investigated how to use the squares to create the golden spiral which is present in everyday life.

They had great fun determining whether the ratios of the digits on their hands conformed to the golden ratio or whether the ratio of their humerus to their ulna declared them as having the most perfect arm in the class.

The investigation developed a number of skills within measurement, geometry and number patterns. The girls had to think critically about ratios and their applications.

Mark Vorster
Mathematics Learning Leader