As another school year draws to an end, so does 2021 Sport at OLMC

Usually, at the end of each year, we hold the annual OLMC Celebration of Sport Evening. However, for the past two years due to COVID that has not been feasible. Although Sport was cut short this year, we thought it would still be a great opportunity to celebrate the performances of our students, who were awarded the 6-year commitment to sport award and also the OLMC Sportswomen of the Year Awards.

The 6 Year Commitment to Sport is awarded to Year 12 students who have committed and participated in the same sport over their time at OLMC. Some girls are awarded this for just 1 or 2 sports and others had up to 6 sports that they had committed to each and every year at OLMC.

There were 40 Year 12s that received the 6 Year Commitment to Sport Awards, which speaks volume for the class of 2021. We wish to congratulate and acknowledge their achievement. The girls awarded the 6 Year Commitment are listed below.

Jordyn A (LVRE)Abbey B (AMUE)Eliza B (ALCA)
Lucy B (ASSE):Zoe B (LJRE):Lucy B (MSHO)
Jessica C (CPSE)Alana C (LJRE)Eliza C (MFKO)
Sasha C (LADR)Millie C (LBRY)Mairead C (LMGL)
Latisha C (LJRE)Tarrah D (CPSE):Alyssa F (LKPA)
Serena F (LMGL)Caitlyn F (CRIV)Laura G (CPSE)
Claudia G (MMZI)Jasmine G (MSHO)Harriette G (MLAN)
Rachel H (APSM)Abbey H (CSGP)Sophia J (APSM)
Sally K (LKPA)Melinda L (CRIV)Grace M (LBCO)
Mandolin M (MFKO)Jessie M (AASE)Hayley M (AMJE)
Karina M (LKPA)Olivia N (CPSE)Emma O’S (CRIV)
India P (ALCA)Theda P (MMZI)Evelyn P (AGGL)
Mila S (AGGL)Samanths S (AGLE)Tianah W (AMJE)
Isabella W (CMSM)Cecilia Z (CRIV)

As well as the Commitment to Sport Award, we celebrate the Sportswomen of the Year Award. The Sportswomen of the Year Award recipients are not all necessarily the best at every sport, the Sportswomen of the Year Awards acknowledge students from each year level who have fulfilled many aspects of the criteria including:

  • Upholds the school values
  • Participated in a sport each term
  • Has demonstrated exceptional performance in a school sport
  • Shows commitment to training in a school team

They may also have:

  • Represented OLMC in an external sporting competition
  • Broken a school or GSV record
  • Held a leadership position at OLMC
  • Made a GSV Rep Team

We would like acknowledge the contribution of our outstanding students.

The 2021 individual Year Level Sportswomen of the Year are the following:

Year 7: Zarah L (7EFR), for her participation in: GSV Tennis, GSV Triathlon, GSV Cross Country, SCSA Badminton, GSV Hockey and GSV Athletics.

Year 8: Sarah B (8WBA), for her participation and achievements in: GSV Swimming, GSV Netball, GSV Cross Country, GSV Volleyball, GSV Athletics and also receiving the 2021 House Athletics Carnival Year Level Champion Award.

Year 9: Charlotte D (9DCA), for her participation and achievements in: GSV Diving, OLMC Aerobics Squad, OLMC Gymnastics Squad, a member of the GSV Diving Division 3 Senior Premier team and also receiving the 2021 House Athletics Carnival Year Level Champion Award.

Year 10: Ashleigh T (MMZI), for her participation and achievements in: GSV Tennis, GSV Netball, GSV Cross Country, SCSA Badminton, GSV Athletics, as well as being awarded the 2021 House Athletics Year Level Champion.

Year 11: Georgia A (LBCO), for her participation and achievements in: GSV Softball, GSV Swimming, GSV Cross Country, GSV Netball, GSV Soccer, GSV Athletics, 2021 House athletics Year Level Champion, GSV Cross Country Preliminary Event, placed 10th, GSV Cross Country Captain, and most recently Georgia is one of the two 2022 OLMC Sport Captains.

Year 12: Millie C (CBRY), for her participation and achievements in: GSV Swimming, GSV Triathlon, GSV Netball, OLMC Aerobics Squad, GSV Swimming Preliminary Carnival, 1st place Freestyle C Event, GSV Swimming Finals Evening 2nd place Senior Team 50m Medley Event, GSV Triathlon, Senior Division 29th place, 6 Year Commitment to Sport Award for Triathlon, Netball and Aerobics.

As well as all of these individual awards and achievements, there are also some notable team achievements. OLMC had 10 Junior Netball teams compete each week in Term 2, of those 10 teams, teams 2, 3, 5, 8 and 9 were all undefeated throughout their season.

A huge thank you to all of the Year 12 Netball Captains that assisted in training and coaching these teams as well as our past student coaches, Lily and Emma and of course, our staff in charge that managed all the mayhem that was Junior Netball, Bridget Cowin, Kylie Willis and Ornella Dharumasena.

In Term 1, our Junior Tennis B team placed 2nd overall for their season (finals were cut short due to COVID). Congratulations to those players and a thank you to Trevor Robertson for coaching.

Last but certainly not least by any means, we acknowledge our Senior A Netball Team and their impressive achievements. The Senior A Grade Netball Team dominated the competition in Term 2 GSV Sport. The team displayed commitment and teamwork as they cemented themselves as the clear favourites to take out the title. They brought their A game to every match and the closest winning margin was 25 goals.

Unfortunately, the finals were abandoned due to COVID-19, however we have no doubt that this group would have gone deep into the playoffs. Due to lockdown, we have just received the Netball pennant for placing first in our division. Congratulations on another fantastic Netball season. A special thank you to Lucy B (MSHO), Zoe B (LJRE) and Evelyn P (AGGL) who played their final games with OLMC. Also, a huge thank you to Jemma Banfield for not only being their coach all these years, but also their biggest supporter and cheer squad all in one.

The Sport Department would like to especially thank the many OLMC staff members that made GSV Sport possible and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

We can’t wait to see you all back on the court and field next year.

Beth McCullagh
Sport Administration
2021 Senior A Grade Netball Zone Champions
Ash - Year 10 Sportswoman 2021
Zarah - Year 7 Sportswoman 2021
Sarah - Year 8 Sportswoman 2021
Charlotte - Year 9 Sportswoman 2021
Millie - Year 12 Sportswoman 2021
Georgia -Year 11 Sportswoman 2021