Andrew Gibson
Curriculum Coordinator

The overview of the 2022 Year 7-10 Curriculum can be found in the Parent Handbook, under Year 7-10 Programs. It is also available on the College website, under the Learning@olmc tab.

The Overview of the 2022 Year 7-10 Curriculum document provides an summary of the subjects, the number of lessons a cycle, as well as the strands taught in that subject. The strands are key ways that a subject curriculum is organised according to skill or content. For example, English has three strands, Reading and Viewing, Writing, and Speaking and Listening.

In the Course Outline section, you will find more detail on the subjects that the student is studying. In this area of the Curriculum Overview, each subject area lists the topics explored, as well as the associated assessment tasks with that subject. An indication of subject areas where the Capabilities are assessed is also provided in the course overview. It is a handy resource to consult and can help with initiating conversations about learning at home.