“Sharing the Light”

This week is a very special week for Year 7s and Year 12s alike, as they met their “buddy” for the first time at this week’s first Full House Assemblies. Each Year 7 student received a special card, welcoming them to their house. From this week onwards, all Year 7 students will have a senior person that they can say hello to in our school grounds, a familiar face at school events and a connection to their house. This ritual will be reversed at the final house assemblies in Term 4, when it will be the Year 7s turn to say goodbye to this year’s OLMC graduates.

Year 9 Vice Captains were also announced at these assemblies, highlighting the importance of both house spirit and leadership throughout many stages of the OLMC journey.

Full House Assemblies occur once a term, and it is through these important events that emphasis is placed on belonging and connection. Often those connections are built when students put themselves out there, try something new and get involved in school life.

Congratulations to our amazing Year 12 House Captains for organising and facilitating their assemblies, but also for working as a team together!

Jemma Banfield - Carmel
Kathryn Williams - McAuley
Debbie Daly - Mercy
Hayley Gamble-Curran - Loreto
Senior House Coordinators