Shane Taylor
Head of Faith and Mission

On this day, we recall and give thanks to God for the example and blessing of the women in our lives and our faith journey. As a Mercy School named in the honour of Mary, we recall the first apostle, one who gives of herself for the needs of our world, Let us recall Catherine McAuley, whose particular charism of Mercy, given by the Holy Spirit, is continued today by our students and staff.

Let us remember all those women in scripture, especially today:

  • Sarah, Hagar, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah
  • Miriam the prophetess, Deborah the Judge, Huldah the prophetess
  • Abigail (who married David), Rahab and Esther
  • Naomi and Ruth
  • Mary and her cousin Elizabeth
  • Priscilla and Aquila
  • Mary of Bethany
  • Mary Magdalene.

So we pray…
God, whose love and goodness gathers us in:
we pray for women all over the world,
especially those challenged by poverty and other injustice.
Stir us to know women’s dignity.
Quieten us to listen to women’s voices.
Awaken us to see women’s realities.
Strengthen us to stand for women’s rights.
Fill us with hope to make a better future together.


Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik