Our Lenten Journey and Catholic Education Week

Shane Taylor
Head of Faith and Mission

Our Lenten journey is blessed with two great solemnities, with the feasts of St Patrick yesterday and St Joseph tomorrow. These feasts feature prominently in the Irish history of the Sisters of Mercy and the landscape of the Australian Catholic story. This week as Mercy people, we celebrate this Catholic Education Week, with 176 years of Mercy Education in Australia and 112 years here in Heidelberg. We have so much to be grateful to God.

So as we enter into our third week of Lent, we pray…

I greet today with a smile.
Thank you for this glorious day, Lord
A day of forgiveness, that stretches out like a lake of never-ending grace. A day of promise, of love in action, alive and outstretched.
A day of unity, mending broken lives,
where we build bridges of peace and restoration.
A day of celebration, of worship to a living Lord
who holds heaven out to us and proclaims life over death.
I greet today with a smile.

Prayer acknowledgement

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