Wider Reading at OLMC

Throughout 2022, all Year 7 and 8 students will visit the Learning Commons once per fortnight as part of an English lesson. While there, they will work with our teacher librarian to explore new books, discuss their reading, and complete activities. Junior English classes devote 5 - 10 minutes of each lesson to independent reading and in addition to this, our whole school now participates in the Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) program each Wednesday morning during Pastoral. This means that a middle year’s English student may read for approximately 30 minutes per week at school in addition to any reading completed at home.

Students are also participating in two different reading challenges this year to encourage them to try new books and increase the quantity of books they are reading. Year 7 students work independently to complete a genre challenge that asks them to explore a wide variety of books. The Year 8 students work towards reading at least 1000 pages each throughout this year, with many students challenging themselves to reach higher tiers of pages such as 2000, 4000, or even 8000 pages.

OLMC is committed to fostering a lifelong love of reading with all students and provides a range of lunchtime activities in the Learning Commons to support this development.

Our Student Book Club is one such activity and we meet each Monday at lunchtime in the Learning Commons. All students are welcome to join.

Ms Anna Apfelstedt
Learning Commons Coordinator