On Tuesday 12 March the Year 8 students commenced the exciting mat-ball competition that was organised by the Year 10 Sport class.

To make the competition more exciting and to gain as much participation as possible in extended Pastoral, each class created a team cheer that involved all students across the Year 8 level. The cheers had to be creative and were to be used before each mat-ball game. The Pastoral Group with the most participation, teamwork and the best cheer would be rewarded with a pizza lunch.

It was wonderful to see nearly the whole Year 8 cohort involved and participating in the games, with many of the Year 7 and Year 9 students watching and supporting the students. The atmosphere was excellent.

On Thursday the semi-finals took place, with 8MDG versus 8MMA and 8BFA versus 8MFO. Both games were very close, however the stronger two teams on the day won. 8BFA and 8MDG made it through to the finals on Friday 15 March.

All Year 8 students came to support their peers and the game was so competitive and both Pastoral Groups were determined to win. With the music pumping and the students cheering the teams demonstrated skill, team spirit and hard work. The scores were close from the beginning and in the end 8BFA won the mat-ball competition by just one point. They were also rewarded with the pizza lunch, which was enjoyed on Tuesday.

It was a wonderful week and all Year 8 students should be proud of their efforts and for supporting each other through the games.

Mat-ball was a great experience for our class and brought us together, helping us form a really good bond. Everyone showed great sportsmanship and it was a really fun competition to participate in. After all our hard work we were all grateful for our pizza lunch. The Year 10s did a great job organising a fun week for us all and organised it really well.

By Phoebe K (8BFA)

I never usually do sport, but I love to participate in mat-ball. It is a great way to bond with other girls and make new friends! It was especially fun to have a fantastic prize like pizza! Even though my class didn’t make it to the finals, we gave it a go and demonstrated great sportsmanship. It was great fun coming up with a class chant, and using it before the game!

By Claire W (8MMA)

Deb Butterworth
Year 8 Level Coordinator