Andrew Gibson
Curriculum Coordinator

Semester One Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews will be occurring early next term. The two dates for the interviews are Wednesday 24 April and Thursday 2 May. Interviews will be held between 2.00 pm and 8.00 pm, and will be held via Google Meet.

An email communication regarding these interviews will be sent on Wednesday 27 March. This communication will include instructions as to how to join the Meets and a support number for the day of the interviews. The process for these interviews is the same as was used for Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews in 2023. Bookings are to be made via PAM, which will open at 3.30 pm on Wednesday 27 March

While you will not have to physically move from room to room, we still ask that you allow at least five minutes between interviews so that you can leave one Meet, have a debrief and then be ready to join the next interview at the booked time.

We ask that students are present for the interviews as it is about them and their learning. These meetings are an important opportunity to discuss learning and learning growth. They are an opportunity to acknowledge both effort and achievement, to discuss challenges and consider strategies and support for learning progress.

We look forward to the opportunity to have these conversations about learning early next term.

Both Wednesday 24 April and Thursday 2 May are student free days.