Year 7 Aquatics Excursions

Over the past few weeks, the Year 7 students have been travelling to Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre and participating in a two-hour water safety session.

During the excursion, students were taught about the importance of water safety, how to identify hazards, and the steps they can take to prevent accidents.

Students were led through a variety of fun and engaging activities that will allow them to gain confidence in the water, and knowledge and skills that they can use throughout their lives.

Year 12 Physical Education METS Incursion

The Year 12 Physical Education (PE) classes had an incursion with METS Performance Consulting on Wednesday 8 March.

During the session, the METS team offered our students the chance to witness and partake in advanced fitness testing and procedures at an elite level.

The activities sparked discussions that connected the data collected to the core concepts covered in Unit 3, Area of Study 2. These topics included acute responses, energy systems, fatigue, and recovery.

Overall, the incursion was an informative and stimulating experience for our Year 12 PE students.

Teresa Cerra
Health and Physical Education Learning Leader