On Thursday and Friday last week, we took two very eager groups of students to watch the ‘Top Class’ performances, a part of the VCAA Season of Excellence.

The students were able to see work of the highest quality from the Theatre Studies Monologue Examination and the Drama Solo Examination presented at the Malthouse Theatre.

On each day we watched ten exemplary performances from students who had completed their Units 3 and 4 studies in both Theatre Studies and Drama in 2022.

Our OLMC students were incredibly impressed with the work that they saw. During both train rides home, the students chatted excitedly about what they had watched, what they liked and what they might do similarly or differently in their own exams later in the year.

Student Reflections:
On Thursday 16 March, the Theatre Studies class went to ‘Top Class’ to watch the best of the best students from the monologue exam in 2022 perform.

We saw a range of students perform their monologues in many different ways. We enjoyed seeing the theory we learnt about being put on stage. We had many conversations about how these performances could inspire our exams later on. It was nice to spend a day in the city with the class.
Victoria C. (11LMGL)

On Friday 17 March the VCE Drama class visited ‘Top Class’, an excursion where students watch past top-ranking drama solos.

This was such a great experience to watch a variety of different solo structures, coming from a variety of different students with different interpretations.

I particularly enjoyed the variations of soundscapes, soundtracks and how they incorporated different ideas within their stimulus. Watching the solos acted was a good inspiration for the students with their solos, which will be coming up later in the school year!
Savina T. (12CMSM)

Ms Felicia Taine and Ms Hayley Gamble Curra
Performing Arts Teachers