Judith Weir

Last week we hosted the Time and Space event for Year 7 Students and a significant female mentor in their lives. Almost 200 attended and shared precious memories and stories. It was also wonderful to see some of our more senior students volunteer to lead small group sessions with adults and students. The Time and Space Events have become one of the highlights of Term 1.

We are nearing the end of Term 1; a term that seems to have gone by so quickly but at the same time everyone is feeling tired. This is always a busy term with so many different events and this year we have had to readjust and remember what that is like. I would like to commend the staff, students and families for your renewed approach to school and participation in all of the events this term. After the last two years and a new way of learning to live with COVID-19 it has been challenging for all of us to return to the normal activities and expectations. We have had to change our mindset and readapt to the expectations and the challenges of getting to school every day and moving from class to class.

In our final week Year 12 students will be participating in a Retreat program. Retreat is an important time for students to reflect on their journey so far, their hopes for the future and where their faith might continue to fit into their lives. It is also a wonderful chance to spend time together and have some fun. Year 12 Retreat is very often one of the fondest memories of Year 12 and we are very grateful that we provide this chance to students once again, albeit with a number of COVID safe protocols in place.

I hope that in the next few weeks families have a chance for a well-deserved rest. We are in the season of Lent, a time for renewal and hope in The Resurrection. As we approach this Easter we pray for the renewal of peace, health and safety for all in our world. May all who live in fear or poverty enjoy the hope of The Resurrection. May leaders in our world find wisdom to end conflict and suffering and may we all find hope in our hearts in order that we experience compassion, justice, courage and joy; the OLMC values that we hold so dear.